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Craft Room Organization & Storage Ideas

Storage and organization is always a struggle for many craft lovers in their craft rooms because of all the ribbon, patterns, beads, scrapbooking supplies and buttons that the room holds. These small craft suppliers are easy to expand and take over a craft room and always difficult to keep organized.

If you have ever searched around the house for the scissors or dig through drawers to find the right needle, then you should also know how important it is to keep all the crafting supplies and tools organized instead of taking over the entire room or maybe can be spotted all over the entire house. A well organized craft room would leave us a good mood and help us completing our projects much easier and faster.

In this post we are sharing tons of creative and clever organization and storage ideas for your craft room. Browse though all these ideas and you will find something useful for your craft place for sure.

DIY Shutter Washi Tape Organizer

Get an old shutter from your garage or from the dollar store and spray it with some chalkboard spray paint for a new look. Twist some paper clips open and bent out a little to make some hooks. Each tape is hanging from these paper clip hooks. What a creative way to store tons of washi tape and have them be easily accessible! You can also tear a small strip to stick above each roll, so that you can tell what the pattern of each tape
and easily find the patterns you need. It will be an addition to your craft room and make it look more organized and clean when hang on the wall next to the craft desk. Tutorial via Crafting in the Rain.

Ribbon Organization with Hole-y Bins

Every crafter who has tons of ribbon would know how messy it can get when they don’t have it all neat and tidy and they can be very easy to get tangled and lost. Here is a super creative and easy way for you to store and organize your ribbons just with plastic holey bins from dollar store! Check out the instructions via Spunky Junky.

DIY Magnetic Embellishment Board

Keep the overflowing collection of embellishments, like buttons, beads, brads, eyelets, etc organized and easy to find when you need next time in these magnetic spice canisters. Super practical, beautiful and creative embellishment storage idea! DIY tutorial via Damask Love.

Repurposed Ironing Board For Thread Storage

Never throw away the old ironing board! You can repurpose it for a unique place for your spools of thread in your craft room! Details via Recycle Art.

DIY Giant Framed Peg Board

Giant pegboard is a perfect storage idea for a craft room! This DIY giant peg board is so awesome for organizing all of our craft supplies and would also make a great addition to any workspace. Full tutorial via Ginger Snap Crafts.

Trims And Ribbons Organization With Tic Tacs Containers

Storing trims and thin ribbons in empty tic tac containers. Another perfect organization and storage solution for your craft room! See how to work it via Pretty Prudent.

DIY Extra Large Pegboard For Craft Room Organization

Keep all of your craft supplies organized on one giant pegboard. It would make an awesome addition to any workspace! See DIY tutorial via Honeybear Lane.

Organizing Embroidery Floss with Clothpins

Here is a great way to display and keep the giant pile of embroidery thread from getting tangled and lost and easy to access with wooden clothpins! See how to make it via Heather Js Life.

Recycled Ribbon Storage Rack

Turn an old movie stand into this practial and beautiful ribbon storage rack for your craft room. What a wonderful way to easily keep your ribbons organized and easy to access on a budget! DIY tutorial via Fynes Designs.

DIY PVC Pipe Tape Dispenser

Make your own tape dispenser from PVC pipe! It’s an easy and fun building project both for kids or adults. DIY details via Left Brain Craft Brain.

DIY Cardstock String Organizers

Make your own string organizer with cardstock! A cute and easy way to get your embroidery floss or thread collection straightened out and organized! See the steps via Little White Whale.

DIY PVC and Wire Shelf Hanging Paint Storage

Make this clever storage system shelf from PVC and wire shelves with the openings just in the right size to neatly hold bottles of craft paint! It is both great to organize and display your craft paint! DIY tutorial via Mad in Crafts.

Washi Tape Storage Wooden Box

Those wooden boxes turn out to be the perfect size to store rolls of washi tape with a bit of your creativity! DIY instructions via The Scrap Shoppe Blog.

Crib Side Repurposed Into Fabric Storage

Don’t throw out the old crib! Repurpose the old crib side to organize and display tons of fabric in your craft room! See details via Dwell Delightfully.

Stickles Glitter Storage

Organize tons of stickles glitter in a frame with pieces of Velcro! It turns out to be both practical and nice to look at in any craft room. DIY tutorial via Kattiz Scrapp.

Plastic Tube for Craft Button Organization

A fun and easy way to store all of craft buttons with simple, clear plastic tubes. Use a sample button on top as label for easy access when you need next time. DIY tutorial via Consumer Crafts.

Mason Jar Twine Holders

Store twine in a mason jar topped with a hole cut-out lid. Thread the string through the cut-outs for easy access. What an easy and creative way to store and keep twine, floss organized! DIY tutorial via A Casarella.

Convert Stool To A Craft Organizer

Upside down a stool and add some canvas bags onto the outside legs. Screw rolling coasters into the top of stool. A great craft room organizer turns out! DIY instructions via muyingenioso.

Sequin Storage in Plastic Tubes

DIY instructions via Neat and Tangled.

DIY Glitter Brush Organizer

Turn any glass jar into a sassy brush holder to organize your craft brushes or other items. You can add glitters in the color of your choosing for a nice look. DIY tutorial via Frugality Gal.

Spinning Lazy Susan Art Caddy

This spinning lazy susan art caddy is great for your craft table to store all of the craft supplies. See how to make it via Infarrantly Creative.

Filing Fabric Organizer

Use a file cabinet and hanging file folders to store and organize fabric! Details via Thinking Closet.

PVC Pipe Marker Storage

A handy, inexpensive way to store craft markers with PVC pipes for Under $10! See how to make it via Stamping Country.

Craft Paints Storage with PVC Pipes

Clever craft paints storage ideas with PVC pipes! See DIY tutorial via Today’s Creative Life.

DIY Hanging Scrap Fabric Wall Organizer

Make this functional as well as decorative sewing wall organizer with a duck cloth fabric. It is a great addition to your craft room or home office or kitchen to hold receipes. See sewing steps via Design Sponge.

Mason Jar Storage Shelf

Make a storage system with leftover mason jars at hand and add extra storage to keep clutter off your floors and counter tops. DIY instructions via Poofy Cheeks.

Wrapping Paper Storage

Store your gift wrap rolls with garment bag! Super easy and creative way ti keep all the gift wraps organized and easy to access! See details via The Chic Site.

DIY Gold Pencil Holder

Make this awesome gold pencil or desk holder with crap stuff laying around your house! Check out the tutorial via View from the Fridge.

Craft Paint Storage Box

This wooden box will be the perfect organizer to hold all of your craft paint bottles and keep all colors at a glance for easy access. See DIY details via Remodelan Do Lacasa.

Craft Scissor Storage

Creative way to store scissors with steel hooks! It helps me to protect them and find them easily! Via Polished Habitat.

Wooden Sharpie Holder

This wood sharpie holder makes a great desk top organizer. It not only showcases the beautiful rainbow display but to organize the markers and keep them within easy reach! DIY tutorial via By Stephanie Lynn.

Ribbon Spool Organizer from a Paper Towel Holder

Organize those ribbon spools in no time at all with a cheap, thrift store paper towel holder! Instructions via Sadie Seasongoods.

Acrylic Paint Storage Using Spice Racks

Create an acrylic paint storage rack out of the spice racks. It not only showcases the beautiful display of colorful acrylic paints but also can keep the paints in order and within easy reach! Details via Carla Schauer.

Plastic Drawers for Craft Room Storage with Labels

Find some cheap plastic drawers to store all of your craft suppliers and labeled them for easy access! Details via A Casarella.

IKEA Buckets for Craft Room Storage

The IKEA Fintorp series of buckets and hooks turned out to be the perfect and pretty organization idea for any craft room! See DIY tutorial via Unskinny Boppy.

DIY Picture Frame Pin Cushion

Create an adorable and easy DIY picture frame pin cushion using supplies you already own. This great project will help keep your sewing pins or push pins organized while you sew! DIY tutorial via A Bird and A Bean.

DIY Wooden Vinyl Storage Rack

This DIY wooden vinyl storage rack is really easy to make. See how to make it via Create and Babble.

Rotating Craft Caddy

PVC pipes can be a great organization and storage solution on a budget. Here youc an create a darling craft caddy for storing markers, paint brushes, or other crafting supplies just with some PVC pipes and a lazy susan! See the steps via Reality Daydream.

10 Minute Marker Caddy

You can make this clever marker caddy with an empty shoe box and some toilet paper tubes. No glue, no nothing. It is so easy to make and perfect for storing pens, pencils and markers. DIY tutorial via Aunt Peaches.

DIY Planning and Crafting Station

Perfect sewing project for storing all of your craft supplies with no efforts! DIY tutorial via Carrie Elle.

Organizing Silhouette Cameo Vinyl

Another creative way to store vinyl with shoes away hanging organizer on the back of the door! See tutorial via Simply Darrling.

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

DIY steps via I Heart Organizing.

Magnetic Embellishment Board

You can easily store the overflowing collection of small embellishments, like buttons, beads, brads, eyelets, in these magnetic spice canisters.


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