20+ Awesome Ceiling Light Ideas for Bedroom

Man’s first tool for lighting was a torch. Later, the wise men made the torch better and better. At first, grease was applied to the outside of the torch, and then to the outside of the rope. This was the first step in the process of making candles. By 900, candles were made from a wick made of string and oil mixed with paraffin wax. In the 19th century, kerosene lamps appeared after oil was extracted. After discovering electricity, Edison invented the electric lamp through repeated trial and error. With the development of science, lamps and lanterns are essential products in life. For people now, its significance is no longer just a lighting tool, but also the ornament of daily life. Therefore, designers have been actively exploring more possibilities of lighting design. Today share more than 20 innovative bedroom lighting design works. Hope to bring you more inspiration!

Fireworks Shaped Ceiling Light Design

Fireworks Shaped Ceiling Light Design.

This is a very designed light fixture and I love it very much. On the one hand, its appearance looks like scattered fireworks, very eye-catching; On the other hand, light yellow light is arranged in the bedroom is a good idea.source

Square Overhead Light

Square Overhead Light.

This is a simple not vulgar bedroom dome light. Thanks to the square tube on the outside and the round LED light on the inside, this lamp is even more chic. If you’re a fan of simple yet stylish designs, this is for you.source

Art books Acrylic LED Ceiling lamps for home decorative

Art books Acrylic LED Ceiling lamps for home decorative.


Net Red Molecular Light

Net Red Molecular Light.

This kind of droplight is characteristic of glass tube and bulb contracted modelling.Glass tubes are not only rose-gold, they can also be colorful. No matter what color of the glass tube combined with LED bulbs, you can create the bedroom atmosphere you want.source

Lamps With A Sense Of Security

Lamps With A Sense Of Security.

Round bedroom lamps are a very good choice for large numbers of people. Because the common bedroom area is not very large, and they are relatively square, the round lamps can neutralize the angular feeling of the room. In addition, round things give people an inexplicable sense of security and comfort.source

Feather Chandelier

Feather Chandelier.

This is a very popular feather chandelier in recent years. With soft feathers and warm light sources, a large number of people who buried their childhood dreams in their hearts were captured in a short time. The treated feathers are especially warm against the light.source

Crown Shape Lamp

Crown Shape Lamp.

This is a very elegant, specially designed for home with baby princess. The whole chandelier is composed of a unique crown shape and three round bulbs. In addition, the brightness of the bulb can be adjusted, which is really a good choice.source

The Beauty of The Lamps and Lanterns

The Beauty of The Lamps and Lanterns.

Modern bedroom ceiling light can choose this ultra-thin LED lamp. The exterior color of the lamps and lanterns is also very good. Green and yellow go well together. The combination of three LED lamps makes the room particularly clean and bright.source

High-Value Works

High-Value Works.

Introducing the eyelids is a high-value work-a bedroom ceiling lamp with a perfect combination of chocolate-colored circles and squares. The high-end design adds a lot of luxury to the room.source

Hand-woven Lampshade

Hand-woven Lampshade.

The natural warmth of rattan meets the airy look of an open-weave pendant.The lampshade is completely woven by hand, creating a beautiful texture for the room. The light of the rattan lamp has a sense of mystery, even when it is not in use, it has a different kind of beauty.source

Ceiling Lamp With Five-Pointed Star

Ceiling Lamp With Five-Pointed Star.

The lamps and lanterns with small five-pointed stars embedded in the big five-pointed stars are rarely seen by you. Obviously, this is a ceiling lamp specially designed for rooms with girls. If you can see this lamp every day, I think your baby will be in a very happy mood!source

Lamps That Look Like Matches

Lamps That Look Like Matches.

How exhilarating is that there are light fixtures that look like matches arranged on the ring. The lamp is fixed to the ceiling by four iron wires and a chain. The small light bulbs are gathered together and emit warm lights. Are you eager to have it?source

A Exquisite Chandelier

A Exquisite Chandelier.

The lantern-shaped lamp design is what I am passionate about. The hollow design no longer makes the room look rigid. A exquisite chandelier adds a touch of art to the space. The bedroom looks leisurely and peaceful under the sun.source

Irregular Triangular Lamps

Irregular Triangular Lamps.

Irregular triangular lamps are Nordic modern minimalist style. The designer showed the triangle lampshade vividly and vividly. Middle opal lamps transparent material makes this lamp looks like white jade, very suitable to be installed in the bedroom. You can make a bold attempt.source

Romantic And Warm Designer Works

Romantic And Warm Designer Works.

The ceiling lamp, which is a combination of two hearts and an arrow, is the first choice for the master bedroom. This lamp symbolizes the harmony between husband and wife and family harmony. If this lamp is arranged in the master bedroom, it will definitely bring you a warm and romantic atmosphere.source

Rustic Lamps

Rustic Lamps for Bedroom.

The rustic chandelier is French decoration style. Six small flame-shaped lights make the room warmer and make life more passionate. The chocolate-colored exterior design matches well with the stools and tables in the room, exuding a rustic and rustic atmosphere.source

Aluminum Wave Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

Aluminum Wave Ceiling Lights for Bedroom.

The characteristics of aluminum wave ceiling lamps are very Very special. It adopts a new type of electronic circuit design, combining beautiful appearance design with high-tech electronics. The product has uniform light transmission, bright and soft, and the pattern is more fashionable under the light.source

Swell Pendant Light

Swell Pendant Light.

If you are looking for a small bedroom lighting design at this moment, then you really have found the right link. The soft-toned lamps combined with creamy yellow and white make this simple small bedroom more elegant and refined.source

Simple and Light luxury Lamps Fixture

Simple and Light luxury Lamps Fixture.

Look so simple lamps and lanterns, may be your heart of love. Simple, light luxury, romantic works together, you will not give up. In addition it also has the characteristics of unexpected you, that is can become light discoloration. Are you tempted?source

Full of Creative Ceiling

Full of Creative Ceiling.

This stunning and elegant artwork is wonderful no matter which room it is used in. The perfect combination of the golden frame and the white light bulb is a beautiful landscape. Such a beautiful gift is suitable for you to give to any member of your family.source

The Idea of Excellence

The Idea of Excellence.

The frame of this lamp is integrally formed, with exquisite craftsmanship and ingenuity, and every inch of craftsmanship is striving for perfection. The high-brightness LED wick emits a comfortable light source, warming every night. LED lamp beads are energy-saving and electricity-saving and have a long service life. Every design of the lamp embodies the spirit of ingenuity.source

Branch-Shaped Chandelier

Branch-Shaped Chandelier.

Black and white is the most common color in the Nordic minimalist style, but the Nordic people who have lived in cold climates for a long time hope to bring some warmth to their home decoration. The owner of this home obviously agrees with this point. The multiple light bulbs he uses, coupled with the reflective floor, create a very bright environment for the interior. In an environment with white as the elementary color, the concept of warmth is conveyed to the heart.source

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