DIY Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Ideas & Tutorials

Advent Calendar is originate from the 19th century and were used as a method of counting down the days from the 1st December until Christmas day. According to the Austrian (NO) Landesmuseum, the first Advent Calendar was printed in the year 1903 . Long ago before the first advent calendar appeared, people welcome the holiday from December 1st with chalk on the doors of believers to count down the days to Christmas. Every morning you have the fun to find the pocket and seeing what’s hiding inside it. Advent Calendars are popular today mainly for children to expresses the sense of excitement and anticipation of the holiday season. They add magic and fun for the whole family and make a great family tradition for the holidays.

These are various of different advent calendars on display in shop from as early as October. Nou just advent calendars with chocolates, you can also buy ones that have a Christmas message or even a magnetic or wooden one is a pretty alternative to the chocolate one and will also last you for many more Christmas’s to come. If you are a craft lover, you can also make your own calendars with your endless creativity. Here we have these DIY Christmas countdown calendar ideas & tutorials. From balloon tree advent calendars and toilet paper roll advent calendar, to dollar store bucket Christmas advent calendar and felt tree and ornament calendar, these ideas are really interesting and creative.

Balloon Tree Advent Calendar

Balloon Tree Advent Calendar.

Try something new for a DIY advent calendar using balloons (helium or not)! Such an easy and inexpensive idea and hide your surprise in before blowing it up. Arrange the ballons in the shape of Christmas tree to add more holiday fun!

Baller Beer Advent Calendar

Baller Beer Advent Calendar.

Stuff with some of your favorite treats to jumpstart the holiday! Create your own custom beervent calendar with the inspiration from Thrillist.

Dollar Store Buckets Advent Calendar

Dollar Store Buckets Advent Calendar.

Fill dollar store buckets with the treats or little presents of your choice, then arrange them on a board with hooks. It’s the perfect holiday decor for the entry. Get the tutorial via Infarrantly Creative.

Chalkboard Advent Calendar

Chalkboard Advent Calendar.

Arrange the holiday ornaments on the string with clothes pins. Give you and your families a surprise everyday to Christmas. It’s the perfect holiday decor for a mantal or a console table in the entry. Get the tutorial via Thistle Wood Farms.

DIY Paper Envelope Advent Calendar

DIY Paper Envelope Advent Calendar.

Each of these paper envelope is fulled with chocolate treat and cheesy Christmas joke for each day. It is very easy to make. You just need some Christmas craft paper or any paper from upcycled Christmas wrapping paper, old book pages and even maps to make yours. Learn how to make them from Pillar Box Blue.

Envelope Advent Calendar

Envelope Advent Calendar.

This envelope advent calendar is mesmerizing to look at and it’s super easy to make. You can make these really cute mini cards and envelopes with scrapebook paper in lots of different colors. Get the DIY tutorial at Pretty Providence.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar.

I found this elegant DIY advent calendar project. Just pack up the little things and hang them on the 3D wood Christmas tree! Via Fashion Vernissage.

Crochet Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Crochet Gingerbread House Advent Calendar.

If you are a crochet lover and want to crochet something for Christmas, this crochet gingerbread house advent calendar will be an awesome and fun DIY project for you. You can cherish this project every year. DIY tutorials via Repeat Crafter Me.

DIY Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

DIY Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar.

Make a countdown calendar to Christmas. So amazing you’ll keep it for years. A simple but elegant decor idea for Christmas home! You just need to make some simple cards with numbers and arrange them with clothes pins then framed them for display!

Craft Paper Bags Advent Calendar

Craft Paper Bags Advent Calendar.

Kraft paper bags and a piece of wooden branch make for an elegant combination! Great wall decoration to count down to Christmas. You can fill each bags with small presents, or any other small items you want to put in to surprise every daay and welcome the upcoming Christmas holiday!

Tin Can Advent Calendar

Tin Can Advent Calendar.

Making this eye-catching advent calendar with upcycled empty containers, coffee and tea canisters, cans, etc. You can fill it with coffees, small presents, cookies, candy, or other treats. Get the tutorial via Look-What-I-Made.

Customizable Christmas Advent Calendar

Customizable Christmas Advent Calendar.

Making this eye-catching and colorful advent calendar on the cheap. This holiday advent calendar looks more modern and fashion compared with the traditional Christmas hues. Sarah Hearts.

DIY Mini Bucket Advent Calendar

DIY Mini Bucket Advent Calendar.

You can buy these mini buckets at the Dollar store or any party center and use them for your DIY calendar. The burlap and the greenary gives this DIY project the extra rustic charm for the decoration. If you love rustic farmhouse Christmas decoration, please try this awesome DIY project out. Get the DIY tutorial via Taryn Whiteaker.

Chalkboard Advent Calendar

Chalkboard Advent Calendar.

Create this super chic calendar with a black board and yarn. DIY tutoria via Camille Styles.

Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar

Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar.

First build a gorgeous display with a gold macrame ring, some yarn and clothespins, then added a few extra Advent calendar cards and envelopes with various acts of kindness to show the spirit of Christmas a little every day. DIY tutoria via Lovely Indeed.

DIY Lattice Advent Calendar

DIY Lattice Advent Calendar.

The lovely lattice that the bags hang from makes this project so special and fun! It is also so easy to make, All you need is an afternoon to craft up a lattice advent calendar, then hang the bags on. DIY tutorial via The Proper Blog.

Cute Fabric Advent Calendar

Cute Fabric Advent Calendar.

Upgrade your advent calendar tradition with this cute fabric advent calendar! It is designed with little pockets for presents on each day. Learn how to make it via Babyccino Kids.

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar.

Filled the toilet paper rolls with small presents and decorated with a ribbon and a number and then attach them in sequential order onto a board. What an affordable way to decorate your home and countdown to Christmas for kids! More details via North Story.

Little Baggies Advent Calendar

Little Baggies Advent Calendar.

Fill little baggies with the treat of your choice, fold them over, write the date in white chalk on black paper, and then attach them with a clothes pin. It’s the perfect holiday decor for a console table in the entry. via Novinky.

Sock Advent Calendar

Sock Advent Calendar.

It is so much fun to unwrap these mini socks for surprise every day! It’s the perfect holiday decor for a wall! DIY tutorial via Blahblah Magazine.

Miniature Boxes Advent Calendar

Miniature Boxes Advent Calendar.

Find some miniture boxes and decorated them with different scrapbook paper. You cna fill the boxes with small gifts, or anything you want to put in, give you and your kids a surprise every day till Christmas! Get the details via Folly And Glee.

Little Fabric Houses Advent Calendar

Little Fabric Houses Advent Calendar.

Sewing some little house with leftover fabric and hang them together. It makes for a homespun Christmas countdown. Ge the tutorial via Hutse Fluts.

Wood and Tin Can Advent Calendar

Wood and Tin Can Advent Calendar.

You’ll just need some plywood, small tin cans, and a hot glue gun and then goodies for this DIY advent calendar. Get the DIY tutorial via Sugar and Charm.

Christmas Advent Calendar Wall Chart

Christmas Advent Calendar Wall Chart.

Little pocket with a fun surprise on each day inside! A fun and easy way for the kids to count down to Christmas! Get more details via The Painted Hive.

Unwrapped Book Advent Calendar

Unwrapped Book Advent Calendar.

A fun way to use those little paper mache boxes to count down to Christmas! Use 23 round and 1 star shape and attach number cutouts and then stacked them into a Christmas tree shape. Get the tutorial via Reading Confetti.

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