40+ Sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

DIY Pom-Pom Valentines Box

DIY Pom-Pom Valentines Box.

This pom pom covered heart box is so pretty, it can double as decor after V-Day is over. You can cut a hole in the top to hold Valentine cards or cover the the whole lid, this pom-pom covered heart box is a must-have for Valentine’s Day! Get the tutorial via Design Improvised.

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated on the 14th of February. It is a festival of romantic love in many regions around the world, it is a great time to celebrate romance and love and kissy-face fealty. Many people express their affection by giving cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner on this special day. Hearts, red roses and Cupid are the common symbols of Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day is quickly approaching this year. Valentines decorations make a great accent during that special time of year and you can create these easy and beautiful decorations for the home or the classroom by yourself. A willow branch wreath adds a touch of classy romance and country charm to your front entry way, or any currently unadorned passage you may come across at home or abroad. Here we also have tons of DIY ideas for your Valentine’s decoration. Get inspired and ready for your day!

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet.

Make a Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet! Fill the local craft store glass vases with many heart candy melts in Valentine’s colors. Place fresh roses inside the hidden water filled vase. Get the tutorial via Smart School House.

DIY Valentine’s Day Branch Tree

DIY Valentine’s Day Branch Tree.

Something in red, pink and loaded with hearts are the perfect elements that define the lovely day of Valentines. Add Christmas branch tree on tons of 3D paper hearts with an accent of pink and clip on red birds. It turns out to be so gorgeous for Valentine’s table decoration! Get the tutorial via The House That Lars Built.

Valentine’s Day Heart Balloon Wreath

Valentine’s Day Heart Balloon Wreath.

This balloon heart wreath is fun as a backdrop or just a fun decor piece for Valentine’s Day decoration. This piece is a great way to add the much needed festive spirit on your front door or anywhere in your home. Get the tutorial via The House That Lars Built.

DIY Candy Heart Garland

DIY Candy Heart Garland.

Make a garland with colorful paper hearts for Valentine’s Day decoration! Super easy and fun to make with your kids together! Get the tutorial via Tell Love And Party.

Valentine’s Day DIY Canvas Heart Art

Valentine’s Day DIY Canvas Heart Art.

You can make this canvas heart art with all items you already have on hand. Get your craft supplies, like pom poms, yarn and whatever you have on hand and pull out anything that is red or pink and put them into heart form! Get the tutorial via Design Improvised.

DIY Glitter Bottle

DIY Glitter Bottle.

Give the commom wine bottle some bit of Valentines vibe with red glitter! If you’re planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic meal at home, placing this wine on the dining room table. Get the tutorial via Dukes and Duchesses.

DIY Fresh Flower Wall

DIY Fresh Flower Wall.

This fresh flower wall makes the most perfect ceremony or photo booth backdrop! It is perfect for this year’s Valentine’s Day party! Get the tutorial via Green Wedding Shoes.

DIY Valentine’s Day Kiss Art

DIY Valentine's Day Kiss Art.

Create a wall art with DIY kiss print in the spotlight. It is fun to make and it’ll be worth it once it’s hanging on the wall for this V-Day! Get the tutorial via Style Me Pretty.

Blooming Monogram DIY

Blooming Monogram DIY.

Make the letter monogram of your partner’s name—or keep it simple with a single initial with fresh flowers. It is a tasteful way to dress up any bookcase, shelf, or mantel on Valentine’s Day. Get the tutorial via Lulus.

Paper Flower Branch Tree Centerpiece

Paper Flower Branch Tree Centerpiece.

Designing a romantic paper flowers branch tree centerpiece for Valentines’ home decoration or used as given gifts! Paper flowers are easy to make, you only need a couple of papers and a pair of scissors to come up with an impressive blossom. Get the tutorial via Dozi Design.

Heart Shaped Napkin Fold

Heart Shaped Napkin Fold.

Transform a regular square shaped napkin into a gorgeous and of course, super romantic heart for Valentine’s table decoration. Get the tutorial via In My Own Style.

Birch Pillar DIY Candle Holder

Birch Pillar DIY Candle Holder.

Carve into a tree the initials of you and your love by crafting a birch bark candle holder complete with a hand carved heart. This will be a great DIY decoration or used as given gifts for Valentine’s Day! Get the tutorial via Cutesy Crafts.

Cute Conversation Candy Heart Straws

Cute Conversation Candy Heart Straws.

Serving everyone drinks with cute conversation heart straws, great for Valentine’s party! You just need to print these candy hearts with different messages and use them to decorate straws, Valentine boxes, put in lunch boxes, party picks and others. Get the tutorial via Craft A Holics Anonymous.

X’s and O’s Cupcakes

X’s and O’s Cupcakes.

Surprise your valentine with these X’s and O’s cupcakes! It is perfect for the last minute surprise for Valentine. The recipe is simple fun to make! Get the tutorial via Martha Stewart.

Kiss Me Balloons For Vanlentine’s Party

Kiss Me Balloons For Vanlentine’s Party.

Ballons are the must have for any party and holiday celebration! Get the version for Valentine’s decoration by painting the balloons with many red lip prints. Get the tutorial via Studio DIY.

DIY Valentine’s Day Door Hanger

DIY Valentine’s Day Door Hanger.

This Valentine’s day door hangercan be made with dollar tree frames, ribbon, decorative paper and letter stickers. It looks great to hang it on your front door to welcome guests. Get the tutorial via Confessions of a New Old Homeowner.

Heart Shaped Chalkboard

Heart Shaped Chalkboard.

Make a ombre wood art with wooden boards and chalkboard paint in Valentine colors. It is a great Valentines craft for writing sweet messages to your family on Valentines’ Day! Get the tutorial: Real Coake.

DIY Valentine’s Day Garland

DIY Valentine’s Day Garland.

Another DIY garland for Valentine’s day decoration that are so easy and fun to make! Perfect Valentine’s day crafts for kids to make! Get the tutorial via Vicky Bar One.

Striped Round Love Sign for Valentine’s Day

Striped Round Love Sign for Valentine’s Day.

This striped round love sign is great for Valentine’s Day mantel decoration. It turns out so gorgeous that it can also be gifted to your friends and family. Get the DIY tutorial via Landee See Landee Do.

Latex Painted Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

Latex Painted Valentine’s Day Mason Jars.

Get mason jars painted for Valentine’s Day using latex paint and added wooden glitter hearts with twine ties. Simple and romantic decor piece for Valentine’s day! Get the tutorial via Kastyles.

Heart-Shaped Valentine Wreath

Heart-Shaped Valentine Wreath.

Super sweet and literally effortless to make with red tissue paper! What you need to do is quite a bit of cutting and crinkling and rolling and hot glue gun gluing. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers a daintier aesthetic. Get the tutorial via It All Started With Paint.

Wooden Kiss Valentine Decor

Wooden Kiss Valentine Decor.

Transform an old, chipped siding into rustic Valentine’s Day decor, which is fit for a farmhouse with a bit of rustic charm. Get the tutorial via My Soulful Home.

DIY Wooden Heart Coasters

DIY Wooden Heart Coasters.

Turn a piece of firewood into rustic monogram coasters. These wooden coasters are great for Valentine’s Day or a rustic, romantic wedding! Get the tutorial via A Bubbly Life.

Conversation Heart Rotary Phone

Conversation Heart Rotary Phone.

Give the vintage rotary phone a new look with Valentine’s vibe by adding some cute conversation hearts! Get the DIY tutorial via Nobiggie.

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath.

Love heart form wreath that is made of coffee filter paper! Greate to hang on your front door to welcome your guests! Perfect Valentine’s day decoration craft! Get the tutorial via The Bold Abode.

Love Potion Heart Homemade Bath Bomb

Love Potion Heart Homemade Bath Bomb.

What you need for this kind of homemade bath bomb is some baking soda, citric acid and epsom salts! Get the needed recipes anad make some for your own use or used as the Valentine’s gifts for your friends or families. Get the DIY tutorial via Atta Girl Says.

DIY Valentine’s Day Embroidery Wine Bags

DIY Valentine's Day Embroidery Wine Bags.

Personalize wine gift with an adorbs homemade embroidery bag. This will be a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day! Get the tutorial via Sugar and Charm.

DIY Glitter Heart Candy Boxes

DIY Glitter Heart Candy Boxes.

Add a little something fun to those candy boxes by painting them half with glitter. You can use them to store the small gifts for your Valentine’s Day! Get the tutorial via Tell, Love, and Party.

DIY Pop Culture Song Lyric Cupcake Toppers

DIY Pop Culture Song Lyric Cupcake Toppers.

These pop culture song lyric cupcake toppers are perfectly tacky enough for a cheeky Valentine’s celebration. It surely make everyone smile this Valentine’s Day by bringing in cupcakes with DIY pop culture song cupcake toppers. Get the tutorial via Sugar & Cloth.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentine's Day Gift Idea.

Package candies with a tube and labeled for a creative DIY Valentine’s Day gift. Or you can place some in a big bucket for Valentine’s party. Get the tutorial via Live Laugh Rowe.

DIY Valentine Pom Pom Decor

DIY Valentine Pom Pom Decor.

Make some pom pom balls and hang it from the formal chandelier or window. Super easy and fun for Valentine’s decoration!

3D Heart Paper Garlands

3D Heart Paper Garlands.

3D paper heart garlands that are made into staircase hanging ornaments! You are never wrong with these crafts togive your home a kind of romantic vibe for the Valentine’s Day! Get the tutorial via Miss Bizibee.

Adorable Clothespin Heart Wreath

Adorable Clothespin Heart Wreath.

Create an adorable and lovely heart wreath with clothespins that you can apply into the decoration for window or door! Get the tutorial via It All Started With Paint.

Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreath.

There are many vesions for Valentine’s wreath! Here is an easy and stunning one for you to have a try! You can use this one to adore your door or window with a bit of romantic vibe for your home! Get the tutorial via Blooming Home Stead.

Roses Pattern Photo Frame

Roses Pattern Photo Frame.

A pretty frame that definitely will serve it’s purpose. Also could be a stylish home decor, transform the look of your home or office with this amazing frame. Photo credit: DIY-Enthusiasts.

XOXO Painted Tablecloth

XOXO Painted Tablecloth.

It is the time to use your nice paint brushes and imagination to create this DIY XOXO tablecloth and table runner for the upcoming Valentine’s decoration. Get the tutorial via Craft Box Girls.

DIY Crepe Paper Rose Heart

DIY Crepe Paper Rose Heart.

If you are looking around for Valentine’s Day decor that was easy on the budget! This DIY crepe paper rose heart art is just for you! You just need a roll of cheery pink crepe paper and got to work rolling up little rosette’s and put together. A sweet little Crepe Paper Rose Heart is here for you! Get the Make It-Love It.

DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Backdrop

DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Backdrop.

Valentines is a special moment that really worthy to celebrate. This heart rose frame work backdrop is the prope decoration to bring the great Valentine’s atmosphere to your home!

Bathroom Mirror Love Notes

Bathroom Mirror Love Notes.

Write down many love notes and decorate it on the bathroom mirro in the shape of love heart! What a romatic idea to surprise your boyfriend or husband on Valentine’s morning!

Stacked Ombre Heart Candles

Stacked Ombre Heart Candles.

Making a set of romantic and unique candles to celebrate Valentine’s Day! These layered ombre candles are perfect for your Valentine’s dinner table! Get the tutorial via Hands Occupied.

Valentine Mantel With Heart Art And Arrows

Valentine Mantel With Heart Art And Arrows.

Room mantel is a great place to decorate for Valentine’s day! The heart art is the focal point of this mantel decoration! Via RemodelandolaCasa.

Valentine Painted and Distressed Heart Mason Jars

Valentine Painted and Distressed Heart Mason Jars.

With a bit of creativety and imagination, you can turn the simple mason jars into great decor items for any celebration occasion. Try this simple mason jar project for the upcoming Valentine’s day! Get the tutorial via Mason Jar Crafts Love.

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