Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

Kitchen cabinets are the toughest paint color decision that we’ll make when we are designing or renovating our kitchens. The paint colors of the cabinets can set the tone throughout your kitchen, reflect the whole style of the kitchen design and the personality of the houseowner. If you are still struggling with what paint color you should paint your kitchen cabinets, just stay here and check out this post. Here, we are sharing with you the most popular kitchen cabinet paint colors along with examples. Take a look at these creative collections and get inspired!

1.Bright White

When we are talking about the paint colors for kitchen cabinets, the first one that comes to mind must be white. White cabinets is clean, simple, orderly and can invoke a light, airy feeling and make your kitchen look more spacious compared to other colors.

If your kitchen cabinets are white, you’re in luck. You can paint your kitchen walls nearly any color you want, even though the dark and bold color. Because the white helps reflect light and brighten up the room, you don’t worry about making the kitchen seem small or overwhelming with the darker walls or funishings even for small kitchens.

Bright White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color.

2.Classic Gray

Gray is another classic paint color choice for kitchen cabinets besides white for most homeowners. It can add a clean, understated, modern look in your kitchen. You can use different shades of gray for your cabinets, the dark gray or the subtle shade of gray.

Classic Gray Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color.

3.Beautiful Beige

Beige is a neutral color to use for interior design. Beige kitchen cabinets embody simplicity and sophistication and create a calming and relaxing effect that is even warmer than the color white.

Beautiful Beige Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

4.Warm Brown

Brown color is always associated with warmth and comfort. It’s a wonderful choice for your kitchen cabinet paints. Using it in your kitchen, gives the room a kind of earthy feel.

Warm Brown Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

5.Bold Black

Either black or white kitchen cabinets is a classic design choice that will never let you down. Black makes the kitchen more intense, powerful, modern and sophisticated. It gives out a mysterious feeling. Black cabinets are often paired with white walls, backsplash, floors or other color hues.

Bold Black Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.


6.Refreshing Green

Give your kitchen a fresh and inviting look that fits with both retro and contemporary stylings by adding green cabinets. Of course, there are also varying shades of green. Different shades will have different effects. Sage greens offer a more contemporary feel and come in light to moderate shades. Sometimes sage green cabinets add a tuch of the overly rustic and chic feel to the kitchen. Mint greens will brighten up the space and give it a retro 1950s feel that works well if you have classic ceramics from that era on display. Tropical-style seafoam green is pale enough to keep the kitchen feeling open and airy and bright enough to catch the eye and add interest to the kitchen. If you choose darker moss or olive green for your kitchen cabinets, be sure to use plenty of white to brighten up the area. Now for detailed inspirational green kitchen cabinets, along with examples of paint colorsand material palettes:

Refreshing Green Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

7.A Splash of Funky Orange

Orange kitchen cabinets can instantly infuse playfulness and brightness and evoke feelings of excitement and enthusiasm in a kitchen that is dark and unexciting. Orange cabinets look best, but you should use it moderately. To increase this energetic feel and acheive the balance, You can try to ombine it with simple grey, white or even very light shades of blue.

Funky Orange Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

8.Sun-Kissed Charm of Yellow

Yellow ia also a color of nature and undeniably brings freshness to the kitchen and brighten up a room when used correctly. Yellow kitchen cabinets look very stunning and eye-catching.

Sun-Kissed Charm of Yellow Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

9.Calm Blue

Kitchen cabints don’t have to be white or gray. You can use many other colors as your mood, like blue. Blue color can add a touch of serenity and calmness to any room. If you want to design your kitchen in a country cottage style, blue hue is the way to go.

Calm Blue Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

10.Royal Purple

Purple is a modern paint color choice for interior design. It brings a creative and mysterious mood into the room. Like the orange color, if you want to paint your kitchen cabinets in purple, you should pay particular attention to the surrounding decor and matching hues. To achieve the balance, you can try using the white countertops, tiles or in any other lighter shade.

Royal Purple Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas.

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